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Are utopias as fantastic as we imagine them to be?

Hi, welcome to Bookey. Today we will unlock the book ‘Brave New World’.

Let me introduce you to a society where people stay young and beautiful without taking anti-aging health supplements or undergoing cosmetic surgery. Everyone has a job. No matter whether they are an elite leader or a factory worker, everyone is content with their work. People don’t have any family pressure. They don’t have to worry about their children's education costs, or work hard to financially support their elderly parents. Whenever they feel a little unhappy, they only need to take a few tablets of soma, a psychological anesthetic, to get rid of the negative emotions. You must be curious: what exactly is this place? This is the New World, an imaginary futuristic world depicted in Brave New World by British author Aldous Huxley.

Brave New World depicts a scientifically manufactured utopia. The story takes place in the year 632 AF, which stands for After Ford, or 2503 AD in our own calendar. In this New World, the development of society and advancement of technologies used for biological control have reduced humans to the playthings of monopoly gene companies and politicians. Humans are conditioned from fertilization with a predetermined identity, gender, and social role. Children are indoctrinated after birth through something called sleep teaching to feel comfortable staying in their social classes, love their collectives, and welcome promiscuity. At the same time, they are made to hate flowers and books, solitude and family, and religion and art.

Everyone lives and works peacefully, and seems happy with their lives. But are these humans in this new world really happy? A savage named John comes into this civilized world like a small pebble breaking the serene surface of a lake, revealing the flaws of society. This world may have appeared perfect but it lacks freedom. All happiness here is "produced" by applying the results of scientific research performed by rulers and scientists. Human beings have lost their creativity and the ability to love each other and think independently

The author Aldous Huxley is a distinguished British novelist, poet, essayist, critic, dramatist, and a famous humanitarian. He created more than 50 pieces of work in his lifetime. "Brave New World" written in 1932, is one of the most famous dystopian literary classics of the 20th century.

In this Bookey, we will consider three questions:

1. In Brave New World, how is life restricted and controlled?

2. Is independent thinking allowed in the Brave New World?

3. What leads John to destruction?

Next, we will go through the key insights one by one.

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